Automated Teller Machine

An Automatic Teller Machine, or ATM for short, is a machine that lets people take out (withdraw) cash from their bank accounts. In the UK ATMs are often called cash machines or the hole in the wall.

Some Automatic Teller Machines allow people to do more, like put in money, or check how much money there is in a bank account.

ATMs are found in stores and shopping malls. Sometimes it can be found in a bar or restaurant. Other times, at special events, people may set one up so the guests can use the machine, like at a fundraiser.

People need a debit card or credit card in order to use an ATM. They will also need to have a PIN number to access their account.

There are a number of scams for ATMs. In one scam, con artists look over the victim's shoulder and get their PIN number; this is known as shoulder surfing. In another, they may install a video camera and get PIN numbers from that way. They then make cards using the PIN number and account number to be able to use that person's account. (Wikipedia)


ATM Bersama

ATM Bersama is one of the many interbank networks in Indonesia, connecting the ATM networks of twenty-one banks in Indonesia. It was established 1993 and is based on the model adopted by MegaLink, an interbank network in the Philippines.

At present, ATM Bersama has over 70 members with 17,000 ATMs over all of Indonesia's provinces and countless of Indonesia's cities. The network is owned by PT Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis.

ATM Bersama provides many interbank facilities, including balance inquiry, cash withdrawal and real time-online transfer to other accounts of members of the shared network. In 2004 ARTAJASA made a cross-border ATM Bersama with partner provider MEPS, Malaysia to service Indonesian workers, students living there as well as tourists. Singapore and Thailand have already been linked to the ATM Bersama network with NETS and ITMX respectively.

To the consumer the wide presence of ATM Bersama and it the network that covers all major banks is a valuable contribution to their busy life-style. Undoubtedly it will contribute significantly to the loyalty of consumers to their respective banks.  
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